Right People!  Right Skills!  Right Fit!

Our Process

Our primary mission is to extract top performers in any given industry and deliver them to our clients for the mutual benefit of both parties. 

Many of our clients have indicated that their internal succession plans are effective, however from time to time they need fresh ideas and new management styles in order to stay competitive and grow. Our many years in the exciting search business have also taught us that in today’s ever-changing marketplace, employers can no longer rely solely on ad campaigns or unsolicited resumes from individuals who, in most cases, are not the top talent.

At ASJ our experience has proven time and time again that the top talent in any industry is far too busy being successful at their jobs to be reading newspaper ads, or surfing job boards. 

Every search engagement will include numerous passive candidates who are not actively looking for a change, currently looking at job boards, speaking with recruiters or potential employers. This is the ASJ target marketplace. Our staffing experts evaluate these potential candidates to find the best fit for all parties.  Access to the passive candidate marketplace and recruiting based on an individual’s career goals is one of ASJ’s greatest strength and value for our clients.

Our creative search efforts include, among other activities, confidential attraction of top candidates from our client’s immediate global competitors, which is often an uncomfortable task for most corporations. As professionals in the field of recruitment, our intent is to afford corporations and executives the opportunity to optimize their respective strategies and careers through personal conversations with potential clients in order to win their favor and interest.

A high level of open and precise communication between ASJ and our clients has proven to be the best method of guaranteeing successful results. This clearly defined client criteria, combined with our experience and creative attraction methods, makes the candidate selection process a most positive experience for all concerned.