We believe our company will prosper from our collective efforts to sustain positive relationships with clients and candidates by delivering recruitment solutions, responsively and proficiently.

Core Values and Culture

We believe our business activities and work environment must reflect our shared corporate and personal values. 

  • Focusing on our corporate success in a disciplined manner;
  • Dealing with all stakeholders professionally and ethically;
  • Providing resources and the opportunity for everyone to succeed in our firm;
  • Acknowledging the importance of balance between work and personal life;
  • Respecting our colleagues in our actions and judgment; and,
  • Understanding that individual success is just one factor in our company's reputation. 

We believe the collective pride in our company evolves from the methods and the manners we exhibit in the daily interaction with all our stakeholders. Lastly, we believe that the adherence of these commitments to clients, candidates and our colleagues will nurture the growth and reputation of Anderson Somers Johnston Search Group Inc. 

Right People!  Right Skills!  Right Fit!